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J-Hoppers Hostel Kyoto

The hostel opened in Kyoto in 2002. It's an 8 minute walk from JR Kyoto Station. There are many important historical sites such as Toji Temple or Fushimi-Inari Shrine. The nearest bus stop is right in front of this hostel , which is on the quite convenitnt bus route to access to other major sights such as Kinkakuji, Kiyomizudera or Gion.

J-Hoppers Hostel Hiroshima

The hostel opened in Hiroshima in 2006. The builing used to be a Japanese style ryokan and most guest rooms are Japanese style with tatami matts. Located near the Peace Memorial Park and A-bomb Dome. You can also go to Miyajima, which is one of the 3 most scenic spots in Japan, by tram.

J-Hoppers Hostel Osaka

The hostel opened in Osaka in 2008. It's just about 15 minutes walk to JR Osaka station, which has extensive travel links to everywhere. It could be a starting point for all sightseeing places not only Osaka but also Nara, Kobe, Koyasan and Himeji.

J-Hoppers Hostel Takayama

The hostel opened in Takayama in 2009. It's just 3 minutes walk to JR Takayama station. Takayama has preserved the feeling of a castle town. There are lots of historical spots such as Histrorical Govement House, San-machi-suji lined with stores selling the traditional wares and craftman's workshop and Hida Folk Village.

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Where to go

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In Takayama

Destination Access / Fee Highlight / Description
Old Private Houses
(Furui Machi-nami)
old private houses
-12 min walk from JR Takayama Station

It is in the middle of Sanmachi where Edo period houses remain.

It is castle town with latticed bay windows standing in a row.
This district was designated an area of important traditional buildings by the Japanese Goverment.
Takayama Jinya
(Historical Goverment House)
takayama jinya
-10 min walk from JR Takayama station

-Admission : 420JPY
It is an old goverment office in the Edo period.
Jinya mae Morning Markets
-10 min walk from JR Takayama station

-Open all year around
It's a local market selling local products.
Hida Falk Village

hida folk village
-10 min by bus

-Admission : 700JPY

>>Map of Hida Falk Village
It is an open air museum exhibiting farmhouses. There are lots of gassho-zukuri houses with thatched roofs, which moved here from Shirakawa-go region. All exhibited buildings are carefully preserved, and are displayed utensils, too.

An old private house in the Hida Folk Village offers several lesson programs such as Sarubobo charms, straw crafts, and printing with vegetable dye. You can enjoy these crafts as hands-on experience.
Hida Archaeological Museum

-12 min walk from JR Takayama staion
-Admission : 500JPY
Exhibition of Hida region's archaeological and historical artfacts
Fujii Folk Museum
-12 min walk from JR Takayama station
Exhibition of fine and folk crafts
Hida Takayama Museum of Art -15 min by Nohi bus or 30 min by London bus


*Reference site:
Official site
Exhibition of glass and Art Nouveau
Hida Takayama Festival Forest
-20 min by bus

*Reference site :
Official page
Festa Forest : Takayama Festival Museum / Insect collection of the world / Tea celemony museum

Out of Takayama

Destination Access / Fee Highlight / Description
We have a tour to Shirakawago. Visit the website of J-Hop Tour for your reservation and more details!

Tour Fee : 3,800JPY
500Yen Discount for the guests staying J-Hoppers Hida Takayama G.H.

Website of J-Hop Tour :
Gassho-zukuri Village in Shirakawa-go were listed as sites of The World Heritage. The atmosphere of the villages with traditional houses standing side by side looks just like a fairy tale.

Houses built in the "gassho style" are defined as having a roof in the shape of a triangle, similar to hands folded in prayer.
Gero City
gero hotspring
- 1 hour by train or by bus from Takayama

Train Fare : 950JPY (One way)
Gero Onsen one of the top three spas in Japan. One spa, Nigorigo Onsen, is open year round and is located at the highest altitude of any spa in Japan.

This hot spring is also well-known for the effective of beauty because of the smooth touch of water. There are some foot baths in the town, which you can enjoy while strolling at free of charge.
Hida Furukawa
Hida Furukawa
-14 min from JR Takayama Sta.

Train Fare : 540JPY (One way)
The main two traditional economies are the production of sake and Japanese candles. Crafts such as Ichii-Itto Bori (One Knife Carving) or Hida Shunkei (lacquer ware maintaining the beauty of wood pattern) are flourished. Variety festivals has been held all over the year.
Okuhida Hotspring

Hirayu Waterfall
Hirayu Waterfall
- 60 min to Hirayu by bus from Takayama bus terminal, 30 min to Shin-hodaka from Hirayu by bus. It is located in the northern part of Gifu. There are lots of Hot springs places such as Hirayu, Fukuji, Shin-Hirayu, Tochio, and Shin-Hodaka around Japan Alps.

Hirayu Onsen Hot spring has developed and been known as the healing springs since someone found a old monkey healing its wound with hotsprings in the middle of 16th century. Hirayu-otaki Falls is not far from the town. the frozen waterfall is illuminated by light in winter.

The Shin-Hodaka-onsen Hot Spring is known for the open-air bath to many alpinists as a healing spring. This Shin-Hodaka-onsen Hot Spring is a mountain-climbing base of the Northern Japan Alps.
Ski site
It takes only 20 min by shuttle bus to the nearest Ski site.

Jump to more detail for ski sites information
-Montdeus - Hida Takayama Ski Park
-Hida Takayama Ski Site
-Arkopia - Hida Funayama Ski Resort
-Hirayu Hot spring Ski site

- 60 min to Hirayu Onsen by bus, plus 25 min by bus

= Fare & Time table =
>>-Hirayu/Shinhotaka Line

>>-Kamikochi Line

Sacred Highland Kamikochi
Kamikochi is a highland basin surrounded by high and steep mountains called the Japan Alps.
Shinhotaka Ropeway
Shinhotaka Ropeway
- 90 min by bus

= Fare & Time table =
>>-Hirayu/Shinhotaka Line
The Shinhotaka Ropeway consists of two lines. The No. 2 Ropeway is the first aerial lift in Japan to use double decker cabins.
Mt. Norikura
Norikura dake
- 60 min to Hirayu Onsen by bus, plus 45 min by bus

= Fare & Time table =
>>-Hirayu/Shinhotaka Line

>>-Norikura Line
Mt. Norikura draws the graceful curves at the southern part of the Northern Alps. Starting with the main "Sword" peak 3026m, it has 23 peaks, 7 crater lakes, 8 extends of plains. It has been specially designated as the protected area of the National Park.
Gujo Hachiman
- 1 hour and half by Nohi bus It's popular for Gujo-odori. This festival is held In summer. People enjoy Gujo-odori dance that continues for 32 nights. The four days of the climax are called the All-Night Dance, and tourists join in the dancing.



Nohi Bus

nohi bus company

Nohi Bus offers bus services in Hida-Takayama.

Rroute Bus Lines
Takayama - Shirakawago Line
Takayama City Line

Express Bus Lines
Takayama - Tokyo (Shinjuku) Line
Takayama - Kyoto/Osaka Line
Takayama - Nagoya Line
Takayama - Kanazawa Line
Takayama - Matsumoto Line
Takayama - Toyama Line


Traditional Craft

It is said that carpenters from the Hida region have traditional woodworking skills rather than other districts. Thus the Hida region is called a treasury of crafts and folk arts. These are sold at souvenirs stores.

shibukusayaki syunkei sarubobo Ichii Ittobori
Ceramics and Porcelain Shunkei lacquerware
>> See detail
>> See detail
Ichii Ittobori
>> See detail

If you are interested in more further information for the local industory in each district of Gifu Prefecture, please go this page.


There are lots of seasonal festival in Takayama.
>>More detail for the festival or event in Takayama


Hida Beef

It is popular as one of the top beef brand. It is an excellent quality and flavor.
You can find lots of Hida Beef Restaurant all over the city.

Hoba Miso
hoba miso

Food grilled with fermented soybean paste with magnolia leaves. A magnolia leave is laid over a charcoal brazier or stove for roasting on it miso, onions, shiitake mushrooms, etc., with some oil. It could be a side dish with sake.

Chuka soba in Hida
chuka soba

This Chinese noodle is unique in Takayama. It is a homely taste with plain soy source.

Mitarashi Dango (Sweet dumplings)
mitarashi dando

It is balls of rice-flour dough.These balls are kneaded rice flour on a skewer. Grilled with soy sauce and scorched nicely.

Brewed Japanese liquor

Pure mountain water, quality local-grown rice and a cold winter in Takayama would be the essential factors in making tasty sake. There has been commercial sake brewing in the city since the middle of the Edo period (about 300 years ago). There are 8 breweries in the city.

Hida Soba (buckwheat noodles)

The buckwheat grown on fields of cool highlands is of truly high. Handmade noodles made by grinding this buckwheat on a millstone have exceptional flavor.